About Me

Just the facts, Ma'am...

Welcome.  I'm Tami - Book lover, crafter, sewer, puzzle enthusiast, and f
ormer librarian in search of a book-related job, or a winning lottery ticket so I can quilt and read full-time.

In the beginning, this blog was strictly book reviews and book-related events.   Over time it has morphed into a stream-of-consciousness about my life, frustrations, celebrations and some books - it's my therapy.   

My husband, Dave, and I are "empty nesters" with three grown children and two grandsons.  We live on a farm we call Green Acres (cause we aren't actually farmers and I don't do the whole outdoor thing much) in the southeast corner of Nebraska - but I'm a native of Kansas. 

We are also fans of "classic" TV - as you might have guessed by the Green Acres reference - and frequently quote our favorite episodes.  The title of the blog is an homage to Columbo, one of my favorite TV detectives.

Thanks for stopping by.  Yo
u can contact me at hcl_tami@yahoo.com

If you're not familiar with the TV references, check out the videos below: