Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fantasy Football: The Confession

A while back, I wrote this post that "some" (meaning Dave) may have considered as uh....bragging - about my fantasy football team. The story goes that son needed one more team to complete the league he was creating and, out of desperation, asked me to join. His invitation went something like: "I hate to ask you to join cause you'll pick your team by who's the cutest and who has the prettiest uniforms." As if! He actually doubted my massive store of football knowlege? Just for that I designed lovely pink helmets with lavender lettering!

As the season progressed, his nightmare became reality. Mom's team was leading the league (I even beat Hubby's team 3 times, but who's counting?). When the playoff's began, The Pink was 10-2-1. Playoff games are 2-week deals and after week 1 of game 1, I was down 34 points. No problem for The Pink! We came back the second week with a 39 point win! - putting me up by 5 overall. Wooo Hooo! On to the Super Bowl! Against, who else but my Darling Hubby.

I used my best strategy (see original post for details), read all the updates, fine-tuned my lineup and was only down by 19 after the first game. Not even a bump in the road for The Pink! We can come back from that with one line-backer tied behind our backs. Or maybe not. Evidently, the strategy in the NFL was to sit all the starters to "rest" them for their playoff games - go figure. So in the second game my "star" quarterback scored FOUR points - FOUR!!!! (I'm not naming any names, but his big brother, Payton, didn't do any better.) My wide receivers teamed up for a measly 2 points. If it hadn't been for Knowshon Moreno and the Bronco defense, I wouldn't have had any points at all!

Since it's now too late to make this long story short, let's just say I wasn't doing any victory dances. Hubby won....can't remember the margin exactly...maybe 5...10....60 points! Sweetheart that he is, he didn't even gloat. Oh well, maybe next year.


  1. Apparently YOU were counting. What else would explain my office being adorned with that little pink helmet that read "0-3 against the Pink"?

  2. Hahahaha! Love Dave's comment ;0)

    Shame on your family for not warning you about starters sitting in the last week. That is a key piece of info.

    Congrats on such a strong showing and for embracing the world of football - albeit in pink.