Friday, February 19, 2010

Olympics vs. Books

You may have noticed that our posts have been a bit sparse lately.  We were away on a 4-day college trip - first for Family Weekend with son at FHSU, then to KSU with daughter to scope out dorms and bars for next fall.  There were some classrooms, too, but we skipped most of them.  Life, and college, has priorities!  I left home with an optomistic stack of books and returned with same - all untouched. 

Now that we're home, I curl up on the couch each evening with a book and hubby and spend a couple hours watching the Olympics with a book in my hand.  I just love the Olympics - rooting for the underdog, tearing up when they play the National Anthem, wondering who's idea it was to combine cross-country skiing and shooting into one sport.  I also question who invented Olympic Swiffering (also known as Curling).  I picture a group of bored Scandanavian housewives comparing their floor-polishing skills by sliding week-old biscuits around the kitchen until one clever woman said, "Hey, let's get this classified as an Olympic sport." 

But the best part of all is figure skating!  It has music, beauty, drama, excitement, guys in leotards decorated with sequined snakes.  Can a sport get any better?  Actually, Dave argues that it's technically NOT a sport.  His definition of a sport involves going fastest, highest, or farthest - measurable criteria rather than judges' opinions - but he indulges me and keeps his wisecracks to a minimum. 

So, until the closing ceremony on Feb. 28th, my reading time will be curtailed and my posts will be limited to wandering, pointless monologues like this one. 

In the interim....U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A!!!

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  1. Ah, I love curling! No judging, so much strategy.