Monday, May 3, 2010

Clash of the "Clash of the Titans"

Dave has been anticipating the remake of Clash of the Titans for months.   He was a big fan of the 1981 version and figured taking a good basic story and updating it with modern technology would make for a hit movie.  Unfortunately, he was wrong - at least in this instance.  Rather than enhancing the myth of Perseus, which was told so well in the first version, this film is a two hour commercial for "look what our special effects department can do!"  The story is nearly obliterated by the continual barrage of creepy characters, bizarre sounds, strange landscapes, camera shots that move so fast you can't follow the action, and slime - they really like slime. 

Are you getting the idea that I didn't care for this show?  Dave even fell asleep at one point (or maybe two) because the dialog was either A.) drown out by background special effects noise or B.) filtered through some special effects gizmo that made the English language nearly unrecognizable.  If we hadn't seen the original, there is no way we could have followed the story.  I'm not sure what, other than the $20 we had just spent, kept us from walking out in the middle.  The only positive thing I can say about this experience least we didn't drive to the city and pay double the price to see this mess in 3-D.

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  1. I hate when the dialogue is drowned out by the effects. But you watch - this will be nominated in the Best Sound category. I saw a clip on one of the late night talk shows - I didn't think the effects looked all that stunning. I will take your suggestion and stick to the original.