Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We're Off to See the . . . Family

We are leaving Friday for a little vacation and I think my brain has gone ahead without me.  We are headed to that famous tropical vacation paradise, Oklahoma City, for a family reunion.  (I'm trying to psych myself into believing it's not just going to be plain ol' HOT.)  We'll spend two days swimming, playing games, eating and talking with family we only get to see at these biennial events.  

All three of our children, both grandsons, plus son's girlfriend will all be joining us.  I'm so excited!  Son and GF have to return to real life on Sunday, but we get to keep the daughters and grandsons for a few more days at Grand Lake, in Northeast Oklahoma.  

I have the usual prep work to do getting ready for any trip - laundry, food, money, boarding the dogs, more money... plus hair and manicure appointments.  Nothing out of the ordinary, but my brain has clocked out early.  I can't focus long enough to write anything worthwhile, so I'm shutting down the blog a few days early.   I'll be back late next week with a two-hour slide show containing nothing but pictures of people you've never met, with an accompanying dialog of stories you don't care about relating to the people you've never met.  Don't miss it!


  1. Sure hope the weather cools down a bit down there before you have to leave!

    Have a GREAT time :)

  2. LOL! I hope Oklahoma City is good to you. Have a wonderful time. I'm looking forward to the slide show. ;)

  3. Have a fun time together! Hopefully there are some air-conditioned activities planned.

  4. Have a great time (I know you will) - and everywhere is lovely when you have people you love with you - even northeast Oklahoma!