Monday, February 27, 2012

The Good, The Bad and The What Were They Thinking?

I love watching the Oscars, not for the awards because I've rarely seen any of the movies that are nominated, but for the fashions . . . and the chance to critique them, because we all know what a fashion plate I am!

The Best:

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Sandra Bullock: Although "the experts" didn't necessarily care for her gown, I loved it.  It's classic, the beading is gorgeous, and the cowl neckline is demure - until she turns around and the back dips to her waist.  Also loved the simple pony-tail do.

Glen Close:  Also timeless and classic.  Applause for her realization that, while she still has an amazing figure, women of a certain age don't necessarily need to show everything they've got, so she topped the stunning gown with a tuxedo-style jacket. On the red carpet I thought the dress was black, but the pics this morning show me it was a deep green.  Either way - beautiful!

Penlope Cruz:  The picture of Grace Kelly - from the flowing ball gown to the minimalist accessories to the hair style. She could be a princess.

Tina Fey:  Tina is a bit of a wildcard pick.  I'm not a fan of peplums, even on the skinniest model, but the simplicity of the rest of the dress and the rich eggplant color made it a winner!

The Worst:

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Meryl Streep:  Oscar fashion a la Scarlett O'Hara, or perhaps the Von Trapp children.  Looks as though she pulled down the drapes and wrapped herself in them, sloppily.

Michelle Williams wore a chenille bedspread, and evidently a twin size, because there wasn't enough fabric to complete the look so the back of the bodice was in a contrasting fabric.

Emma Stone:  Whoever told her that red-orange hair, a fuscia gown and red carpet would be a good look should be fired.  And then there's the ginormous bow drooping on her shoulder.

Viola Davis:  This dress is borderline.  The style was fine, the fit was good, but the fabric/color threw me.  The green was somewhere between lime and pistachio - fine for dessert, but not for fashion.  The sheen on the fabric made it look like vinyl or pleather under the lights.

Hit or Miss?

Kudos to Octavia Spencer for showing off her curves!  I was on the fence at first because I thought the draping may have accented too many curves on the hips and in back.  Then, Jennifer Lopez arrived in a similar white/cream dress with draping emanating from a front starburst pattern.  The curving lines were much kinder to Ms. Lopez's back side, but the impending "wardrobe malfunction" of that plunging neckline was too distracting.  Over all, Octavia won.

Angelina Jolie gets this category all to herself.  What was she doing?  Her black velvet gown was beautiful, but the slit went several inches past sexy into slutty territory and her awkward poses to accentuate that fact were just bizarre!

There was obviously an inside joke between her and Brad, as she grinned at him in the front row as she shuffled around like a gawky teenager at her first prom, trying to strike "the pose".  Perhaps she was practicing the teenage shuffle while her makeup artist was working, which would explain the shiny, pale face and overdone lipstick.

There was one other odd moment - Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez standing with their backs to the camera, then doing a quick flip around to announce the winner (which sparked rumors of JLo's nipple taking a peek, but that has proven to be untrue), then giggling like jr. high girls and babbling incoherenty (like jr. high girls).  But it was nothing compared to Jolie's oddity.

That's my take on The Oscars 2012.  Who was our fav?


  1. I am a huge Oscar fan and I saw all 9 movies that were up this year besides a few others. I agree with you, I think Sandra Bullock looked wonderful. I think everyone looked okay this year but Angelina looked sickly if you ask me.
    That is just too skinny and showing her leg was gross.

  2. I don't watch the Oscars or any award show. Their need for constant gratification makes me sick. I love the dresses though and just get a look at the most talked about the next morning on the news. I would vote for Penelope Cruz. Elegant and beautiful. and Angelina is just weird...They were discussing whether she has an eating disorder or drug issue on Dr. Drew last night. Maybe Brad should have told her to knock it off with the leg thing and act like a normal person:)

  3. Tina Fey's dress was eggplant?! I couldn't decide if it was black or navy. Penelope Cruz wins first place by me.

    1. It certainly looked eggplant on my TV. Now I'm going to have to research that :)

  4. Thanks for the comment on my blog Tami. I didn't watch the Oscars...but I caught a few of the dresses online. Penelope Cruz was one of my looked elegant. (I love periwinkle blue) I also liked her hairdo. (:>) I usually go for the pretty looks and not the ones that show off too much, or make you feel like something is going to pop out at any Jennifer Lopez's dress did did. I didn't see most of the I wasn't too interested this year in the awards. (:>)

    Have a good week,

  5. I love seeing all the round-up on the dresses!! You could have your own "Fashion Police" column!! That pose with the leg is pretty bad. And I thought the same thing about Meryl!

  6. I'm still not sure about Tina Fey's dress but I LOVED Octavia Spencer! And someone needs to feed Angelina a sandwich.

  7. I agree with all your reviews...just shows what great taste we have. Angelina!!! What was she thinking with that leg???? We already know she's a sexy lady but that leg pose made her look ridiculous. She's not my favorite and now I think I care for her even less! Jennifer Lopez...usually like her but I personally think they ought to cover up a little more than some of them do!

  8. I agree with all the WORST -- awful. I thought Octavia Spencer looked lovely and Sandra Bullock's dress was pretty, but think she could have worn something more flattering. JUST MY 2 cents LOL

  9. I love to watch the awards show for the fashion too! I thought Sandra's dress just didn't fit her well, so it ruined it for me. I actually like Michelle and Viola's dresses and I thought that Octavia has never looked more beautiful. As for Angelina, she's a weirdo. As I typed that I'm not sure the last time I used that word. Middle school? Anyway, I still think it applies!