Saturday, July 14, 2012

Six Word Saturday

Don't go into Mr. McGregor's garden!

Bunny Update:  We researched what to do with our lost bunny and found that he may not be lost at all.  All sites we read said that rabbits of this age/size will wander a distance from their nest during the day and that it is likely we will not see the mama, as she will only return at night.  Also, we were warned against trying to rescue him ourselves and that few wild rabbits live under those circumstances unless you are a professional rehab - which of course is not available here.  But there is good news!  As the web sites predicted, Peter Rabbit is nowhere to be found this evening, so we assume he has returned to his nest.  The lettuce and carrot we left him disappeared also. :)

Dave found this little guy in the yard a couple nights ago.  Don't know what happened to his mama or Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottentail.

To give you a little perspective on how small he is:

We checked on him last night, and he was still hiding under the rain spout.  I don't want to encourage rabbits near the garden, but we picked a couple lettuce leaves and a small carrot and left them for him to nibble until Mama returns. Hope she makes it before this little guy meets up with the mower - or the dogs when Dave's not there to control them. 

Anyone want to raise a rabbit?

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  1. Actually, a lot of my rescue has involved wild bunnies because of this very situation. I have even bottlefed many. I hope that he makes it. Please keep him safe! (Perhaps call a rescue.)

  2. He is so cute! We used to have a lot of bunnies where we used to live; none here. Always fun to see, but of course we didn't have a garden :)

    enjoy the weekend!


  3. what a cutie....
    If he's been there a couple of days it is not likely Mama is coming back.... a rescue might be your best bet

  4. Awww....we had baby bunnies out in front in our bushes. Now they are coming into the back and eating all the flowers and leaving lots of poop!

  5. There aren't so many bunnies here this year - last year the dreaded mixy reappeared. But with kind rescuers like you, they will come back.

  6. You are nice, Tami. Glad to see you are trying to feed him. I checked for an update to see if you had brought that little radbbit inside yet. Put it in a box, call the vet tomorrow (Google-guess tonight) to see what it can eat, and you are on the road. We have a grand-dog, a grand-cat, and a left-in-a-will dog here already. Now room for the cute little bunny.

  7. I love rabbits and despite their potential to do damage in the garden - who can resist. I also read your last post about 50 shades - very interesting and all new to me. Besides knowing the title I hadn't heard the background of the book (I must live under half a literary rock)

  8. Ooohh…he is adorable!! I wish I could take him!!! Mama is probably using him as a decoy to get you put out the veggies for him!

  9. Oh yes, I remember doing that! The boys were little and dad found a nest of bunnies with no mom there at the moment and they brought them in. Now momma won't touch them because of the human smell all over them. I had a batch of bunnies running all over my basement until they were old enough to set free in field! They are adorable though!