Monday, May 4, 2015

Inspiration: The Chicken and the Egg

While visiting our son, Mitch, over the weekend, I visited one of my favorite quilt shops.  I was barely two steps in the door before I was "ooohing" and "aaaahing" over some retro prints.  Whitney, Mitch's girlfriend, who was patiently indulging me on this stop, innocently asked "What are you making?"  Making?  You mean from this specific fabric? - or any of the 17 other fabrics I purchased?"  .  .  . I have no idea!  I wasn't, technically, shopping for fabric.  Well, I mean, I was shopping for fabric but, on a grander scale, I was shopping for inspiration - slowly ambling the aisles, taking in all the beautiful colors and patterns until something grabbed me.  

The old question about the chicken and the egg applies well to my sewing. Which comes first?  The fabric or the project idea?   A basket of fat quarters sits on the corner of my work table in my sewing room. These are the fabrics from past shopping trips that "grabbed" me; that I just had to have - even if I didn't know why.  Some fabrics only remain in the basket for a few days, others may stay months.  Sometimes the fabric plainly says "I am a ________."  And sometimes the project idea comes first, and suddenly it's obvious that a fat quarter I bought 8 months ago is the perfect fabric.

Here is the inspiration that came home with me this weekend:
Christmas prints in red and lime green;
Pink(ish) newspaper print and two coordinates;
Mid-Century geometric prints
Christmas prints in black and aqua;
Fashion fabric and coordinate
Coral and aqua patterns
Awesome retro fabric!
Which comes first in your sewing or crafts?  The project idea or the perfect supply?

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  1. You got some cool stuff! I wish I knew how to sew better. I suppose if I just pulled out some fabric and started practicing, I could remember what I once knew. I already do the oohhhing and aaaahhing in fabric stores; I'd be dangerous if there was really something I could do with them!

  2. Good post. Love looking at material too. There's so many options!

  3. It comes both ways. Usually I start by collecting fabric in a theme whether it be colour or pattern, then I find a design. Others, I find a pattern and then decide what fabrics I want to use with it. I'm probably about half half on this.

    Thanks for linking up with Needlework Tuesday.

  4. Pretty fabrics Tami!! I've gotten into the bad habit of collecting fabric like I do books...Everytime one of my local shops has a sale, I just can't help myself! I think I bought 21 FQs during my last trip...and I have no clear plan for them. I just had to have them. LOL! I am trying to force myself to stop, though, and to use up some of the fabric I've had sitting for years. I'm currently working on two quilts (one for each daughter) out of a FQ bundle I bought YEARS ago. :) So...for me, it's usually the fabric before the idea. ;)

    I look forward to seeing how you use these!

  5. Hi Tami,
    I'm a lot like you, I see fabric I like and I buy it. It gets used down the road in a quilt. Love the fabrics you got, very nice. Have a great day!!

  6. This post reminded me of something my Mom used to say. When someone would ask her what she was going to do with a piece of fabric she was buying she would say "I'm going to take it home and have it when I want it."