Saturday, October 17, 2015

Road Trip Mini-Challenge

For the "On the Road" challenge hosted by Memory and Cass on Goodreads, I am to imagine I'm on a road trip with a character from the book I'm currently reading and post the perfect road trip song for us to listen to.

I'm currently reading The Burning Room by Michael Connelly.  Since I don't fancy a road trip with Detective Harry Bosch, I'm picking his partner Lucia Soto as my traveling companion.  Lucia (Lucy to her friends) is Latino and speaks fluent Spanish.  The crime they are investigating is the murder of a member of a mariachi band.  Since Lucy is a dedicated detective, I'm sure our road trip is somehow related to the case so we would listen to mariachi music - perhaps even by the band in question.

Since Lucy is considerably younger than I (by about 25 years), she would probably select a more modern take on mariachi - such as this band from the 2013 season of America's Got Talent!


  1. I love that video! That song is hilarious anyway, and then to have a Mariachi version is fabulous! Unlike Howard I do enjoy Mariachi, though I can't say I have any, I do like the style! I'm so glad you could join us today for the read-a-thon, and and host a challenge! Enjoy the rest of the 'thon! -- Shaunie Team Dogwood

  2. What a fun song, I am not so sure I could handle too much of it in a road trip, though... heh Happy readathon!!!