Saturday, March 5, 2016

Spring Fling

New Spring craft love -
 watercolor on fabric.
 Post coming soon.
Officially, Spring is still a few weeks away, but the temperature is slowly climbing, the geese are headed north (honking loudly over my house) and the daffodils are peaking through the ground.  In honor of all things Spring-ish, my sister, Teri, is hosting a Spring Fling on her blog today.  She's planning her flower garden, issuing some fun challenges, sharing some craft ideas and generally celebrating Spring.  Check in and join the fun - I promise, you will not be required to do any spring cleaning.

Her first question was "What are you planting?"  I have my garden seed order ready - tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, cantaloupe and potatoes.  In the flower beds, I'm adding sunflowers for a touch of Kansas, which will always be home in my heart.  

My entry for the first Spring Fling challenge - a picture from my garden:
One of my favorites - Marigolds.  Love the variety of colors,
not to mention the fact that even I can't kill them. 


  1. That is gorgeous - Purple Ribbon worth at the county fair!!! And for sharing you are the first prize winner for the day!!!!!!! You will be receiving a pretty? Pair of gardening gloves . . . After all we can't tear up our manicures just cuz we are gardeners too!

    1. Thank you! I need the gloves. I converted my old pair into fishing gloves. I might take the fish off the hook myself, but I'm not touching it bare-handed. ;)