Saturday, April 23, 2016

Readathon 2016

It's readathon day again.  One of my favorite days of the year - a day focused on reading, talking about reading, entering contests about reading, blogging about reading and more reading.  If you want to join, go here to sign up.  

As always, the readathon begins with the standard "get to know you" questions:

1.  Where are you? - Southeast Nebraska, USA
2.  Who are you? - Check the "About me" tab above for all the details.
3.  What are you reading? - see picture below
4.  What are you eating? - Slightly stale cheese puffs are a readathon tradition.
5. Have you done this before? - Many times.  And I embrace the readathon motto: No rules, just read.

My Readathon choices.


  1. How did you do with your reading?

  2. Readathon was great again! :) I had tons of fun! And thanks for leaving your blog URL on my Quote challenge :) I, however, did not have time to check blogs during the readathon. Was hardcore in reading :D I read 960 pages! Which was a total success! :) :D Hope you had a good time too ;)