Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Now What?

Over the winter, I spent more time in book stores than fabric stores.  Cold weather found me curled up with a book, or knitting in front of the TV.  But warmer weather - and a good bargain - have lured me back to the sewing room.  

A local lady advertised a huge lot of quilt kits for sale.  I have no idea where or how she came to own so many kits, but I went to check them out.  Most were wall-hanging size with  "primitive" applique or embroidery - not really my thing - but I did find two Moda charm packs.  I had no plan in mind, and to be honest, they aren't even colors/patterns that grabbed my attention, but I'm a huge fan of pre-cuts (because  I don't care for cutting) and they were less than half the sticker price, so I hoped that they would inspire me.  Not so far!  That's where you come in.

The first pack is "Plum Sweet" by Blackbird Designs.  I actually had a few fat quarters of the darkest florals at some point.  I have no memory of how I used them, but I remember having them in my stash.  The shades of purple are pretty and I like the variety from large flowers to simple polka-dots.  I would probably leave out the center row.   It seems to have too much yellow/gold to blend with the others.  

The second pack is "KT Favorites" by Kansas Troubles Quilters.  When I laid them out, the colors struck me as odd - for lack of a better word.  There are dark blues, greens, browns, reds, neutrals that run from barely-off-white to an orange-beige, and four purple/blues straggling along at the end.  The whole thing is a bit boring.  It needs either a fun application where the individual fabrics blend into a neutral background, or it needs to be mixed with other, more interesting, fabrics.  

So, ideas?  They can always become doll quilts for the kids in foster care, but neither pack screams "little girl".  I found ideas on Pinterest for charm pack tote bags and table runners - neither of which I need.  For the moment, they will go into the stash, but I am trying to use what I buy, so someone help me with this impulse purchase.  What would you make? 


  1. The first floral set is pretty. I would leave out the beige and add some greens. not sure on a pattern though.

    The second set is too dull for me, needs some brightening with cheddar.

  2. The second set *is* a little drab, but I like it. Perhaps a casual shoulder bag for Lori Partridge? ;) It suits my mood today...a little sad, a little weary, a little nostalgic.

    The first set is lovely. Heather's suggestion of getting in some greens is a good one, but I rather like the beige. It was a little hard to see how much beige there was in the other pieces, but I wouldn't leave it out.

    I'm sure inspiration will hit you when you least expect it. ;)

  3. Bottom one is really dark - which might seem much less boring in January than it does in June. I do like the top set - I like the idea of a green that matches but I think the beige might work, too. Says me who has never quilted a thing.