Friday, October 23, 2009

Hothouse Orchid, by Stuart Woods

There really is no way to review this book without giving away some plot lines - at least I couldn't come up with a way - so be aware. (Spoiler Alert) Familiar characters, good plot, fast-paced action.... The sixth installment of the Holly Barker series is off to a good start. But then it just fizzles. The crime is apparently solved with nearly 100 pages to go...or is it? Surely Woods wouldn't reveal the solution this early, so I kept waiting for the big twist at the end. But it never came! Sure enough, the supposed killer turns out to be the actual killer. But wait, we still have the evil villain from previous novels lurking in the background. Surely he will provide the surprise element. The last time he and Holly met, shots were fired - the CIA is after this man! But he, too, turns out rather lukewarm, as does Holly's attitude toward him. If I had stars to give, this would still probably receive 4, with a one point deduction for the lack of an ending.


  1. I hope you're still participating in the read-a-thon! Just stopping by to cheer you on. :)

  2. Thought you were part of the readathon so just stopping by to say hi and happy reaidng!

  3. I love that you enjoy reading together! I'm a native Kansan myself, and I also love traveling and reading. I'm glad the readathon led me to your blog!