Monday, October 5, 2009

The Professional by Robert B. Parker

Robert Parker's books are my kind of stories - fast plot, mostly dialog and minimalist descriptions. Maybe it's because Spenser and his crew are such familiar characters that I no longer need all the extras. Whatever the reason, it works and I never feel cheated by not knowing the details of someone's outfit, apartment or view. The plot is also minimalist. Rather than elaborate crimes with clues to be discovered, the story is more a day-in-the-life (or in this case, nearly-a-year-in-the life) of Spenser. It's a visit with old friends - Susan, Hawk, Pearl - and sort of a "catching up" on their lives. The main characters are all sure of themselves and content with who they are, which makes them fun to visit. No angst or drama, just the interaction of good friends. The story line was intriguing - enough mystery to keep me turning pages, minimal gore and/or violance (a big hang-up of mine, you may have noticed), and a satisfying conclusion. Parker's books are fun, familiar and diverting. - Tami

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