Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fantasy Football

This post has nothing at all to do with books, but yesterday I stumbled across this post on The Bumbles Blog and I laughed so hard at Molly's fantasy football antics, that I just had to share my own. College son wanted to start a fantasy football league and invited his dad and several other guys from work (Son works for Hubby when not in school, but that's neither here nor there). They were one team short of a league (which I've been saying for years) so he finally broke down and asked Mom to participate. He said "I hate to ask you to join cause you are going to pick your players by who's cutest or who has the prettiest uniforms or the neatest name, and then you'll beat us all." After that warm welcome there was no doubt that I had to do just that. My original team name, Team Tampon, was vetoed by the league commissioner (son) so I went with Team Chupa (which is Spanish for suck, cause I figured I would). I even designed lovely pink helmets with lavender lettering and face guards and my team has become lovingly (?) referred to as The Pink, as in "I lost to The Pink again!" Football is my favorite sport, but I can't really say I know much about the game beyond the basics - but......wait for it......you know what's coming.......I won the league! And, no, I didn't pick my players by their uniform color - although those pewter-colored pants that the Bucaneers wear are striking - I actually had an intricate, complex and detailed system which I would be glad to share with all of you (just don't tell Hubby or Son). 1. Use as many players from the Broncos as possible. 2. Use as many former K-State players as possible. 3. NEVER pick a player who attended, played for, lived near, or has heard of the University of Nebraska. (To any Husker fans who may read this: I grew up just a few miles south of the Neb/Ks line so the rivalry has been there since birth - then Hubby and I moved to Nebraska for 12 years where we struggled to show our Purple Pride in the midst of the Osborne glory years. Nothing personal, it's just in ingrained thing for me. Well, it is actually personal with a few of you.)
4. Never pick a player from the Chiefs. 5. In all other situations, trust the guy in charge of making the predictions on ESPN's website - He is a trained professional! To celebrate my success in the regular season, Hubby and one of his colleagues are now working in office's adorned with stylish pink helmets declaring their win/loss record against The Pink (0-3 and 0-2-1 respectively).
So ladies, if you haven't tried fantasy football, give it a shot next year. It's been a lot of fun. I'll keep you posted on the playoffs and you are all invited to my Super Bowl Victory Party.


  1. Tami that is excellent. I wish there was a way for me to get my fantasy football opponents to display my success ratio against them in real life.

    My tips are to always start players whose opponent that week is Oakland or Detroit, use ESPN's analysis, think ahead to bye weeks and late season games when good players sit to get rest, and be ruthless!

    Keep us posted on your playoff run - and best of luck to Team Pink.

  2. When is your "Super Bowl Victory Party"? and - who won your lig's "Super Bowl"?