Friday, December 4, 2009

Home in Time for Christmas by Heather Graham

Home in Time for Christmas is a charming story of time-travel, star-crossed romances and family. I love Heather Graham's books for her ability to put a supernatural twist on a standard story and transform it into something special. I must admit, I had some concern about overlapping the occult and Christmas, but this time the twist is more magical than spectral.
Jake, a Revolutionary War hero, is transported through time just as the British hangman's noose is tightening around his neck. Unluckily, he arrives in 2009 on a slippery road, in front of Melody Tarleton's car. Or maybe it's not so unlucky - Melody takes him into her home, family and heart.
Melody's attempts to discover Jake's identity and teach him about 200 years of American history naturally bring them closer and, even though their romance may be the obvious next step, it's well-written and sweet. Melody's off-beat parents add a quirkiness to the story that is fun. The family relationships, both in 1776 and 2009, are realistic and add an extra heart-warming element to the story.
The only character I would change is Mark, Melody's ex-boyfriend. He's understandably unlikeable through most of the story so that we root for Melody to be with Jake instead, but I needed a little more insight into him to accept his conversion later in the story.
This tale of magic potions and time travel is told with a credible "suspension of disbelief" right up to the end, then I think it runs off the rails just a bit. There is a limit to how long the reader can put aside rationality and believe in magic. I think Ms. Graham drug her story just past that limit - and unnecessarily so. One less "bewitching" moment and a little more drama surrounding the necessary ones would have been a better ending for me. Even so, I recommend this book for a fun, entertaining holiday break.


  1. Time travel and a Christmas story do seem like they might not work but it sounds like the author did a good job with it!

    And only 21 days until Christmas!! ACKKKKK!

  2. It does sound like it has it's problems but I like the idea of it enough that I may see if my library has it. Thanks!

  3. Interesting premise for a story. Glad it worked.

  4. What is it about Christmas stories? I just love them, the sappier the better!

    I joined the Advent Tour on Saturday, but a winter storm knocked out my Internet, and I had trouble posting. Stop by, if you get a chance, and take a look at my reviews of wonderful children's Christmas picture books.

  5. I had this one on my holiday "to read" list, but I am not sure if I'll get to read it.