Monday, March 29, 2010

Shattered by Karen Robards

While reviewing cold cases in the Fayette County courthouse, a particularly thick manila envelope draws Lisa's attention. The details of the case are engrossing: An entire family-father, mother, and two children-disappeared more than twenty-eight years ago. Except that's not all: The mother in the photo could have been Lisa's twin, and the toddler in the picture bears an uncanny resemblance to Lisa herself. Before Lisa can learn more about her past, a series of catastrophes strike close to home. Lisa confides in her boss, District Attorney Scott Buchanan, and their relationship develops into something completely different. Together Lisa and Scott unravel a terrifying web of criminal connections that could destroy the very fabric of Lisa's life-if she lives long enough, that is.  (from book jacket)

Karen Robard's is talented at blending suspense and romance, and this book is no exception.  On the romance side, the characters have known each other since childhood, and their past and present stories are woven together adeptly.  They have a connection that spans years and makes their current relationship believeable.  Without bringing in their history, the speed at which their romance advances would seem taudry and shallow.

On the suspense side - this tale is one of the best I've read in this genre.  The link between Lisa and the family in the cold case file is revealed in small doses that keep you guessing and, at times, has almost a supernatural feel. There were times that the progress was too slow - coming to a stop in order for the romance storyline to advance rather than happening conjointly - but it was still a compelling mystery. I must have concocted at least a dozen potential scenarios as the answer to the puzzle - none of which were correct.

The only fault I find in this book is that it was a little like bad sex - three hundred pages of build-up and teasing then, just at the most climactic point, it's all over - leaving you with a slightly dissatisfied feeling.  I could have done with a little more speed and less detail during the buildup and then a more drawn out climax - if you'll pardon my analogy.

Overall, a fun and exciting read that I would recommend to fans of this genre.


  1. I found your analogy humorous but, at the same time, I know what you mean. I've read a lot of Karen Robards in the past. This one must be new. I like her romantic suspense the best. I'll look for this one.

  2. I just picked this book up from the library; thanks for the great review--i'll give it a try.