Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Casting Catastrophe: One For The Money - The Movie

Filming is finally underway on the movie adaptation of Janet Evanovich's first Stephanie Plum Book, One For the Money.  Various versions of the screenplay have been languishing on a shelf for years while Stephanie Plum fans waited not-so-patiently and spent the free time assembling their fantasy movie cast.  Lamentably, the actual lineup doesn't live up to the fantasy. 

My ideal cast would include Sandra Bullock and Benjamin Bratt - the dynamic duo from Miss Congeniality - as our heroine, Stephanie, and sometimes boyfriend, Morelli.  Alas, time has marched on while the movie-types drug their feet and my dream couple is now ten years past the age of the characters in the book. But hey, if a 34-year-old Stockard Channing can be believable as a high-school senior in Grease, I'm sure Sandra and Benjamin are up to the job. 

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is the perfect Ranger.  Can anyone play handsome, sexy, mysterious, and muscular like The Rock?  Also cast in the movie in my head are Estelle Getty as Grandma Mazur, and Danny Devito as Cousin Vinney.  But - woe is me - my fantasy is not to be.  In all their sparkling wisdom, the powers that be in TinselTown have assembled their own dream team.

Katherine Heigl has signed on as Stephanie.  Ok, I can cope with that one.  She's a great actress and I have liked her in other comedic roles, so I'll let that one slide.  Daniel Sunjata as Ranger is also passable.  He'll never be The Rock, but he's acceptable.  We'll just call him The Pebble. 

Debbie Reynolds will be fabulous as Grandma Mazur, as will Patrick Fishler as Vinnie, so I'm conceding those two points.  Where things go terribly awry is the role of Joe Morelli - tall, dark and boyishly handsome Italian hunk.  Seriously, Hollywood people -Jason O'Mara??  Not even close!  Now if Mr. O'Mara happens to be reading this blog (and pigs are flying), this has nothing to do with your acting ability - I'm sure you are a fine thespian.  Nor does it have to do with you being unsightly in any way.  You are an attractive man and I'm sure you have women swooning at your feet, are NOT Joe Morelli!  I ask every one of you who have read any of the Stephanie Plum novels, is this the face of everyone's favorite cuddly cop?: 

No, I say, it is not!  I'm crushed! I'm brokenhearted! I'm... Ok, I'm overstating the ramifications of a miss-cast "Chick Flick" - but I am certainly miffed!  Yet, in spite of this disappointing choice, I will be first in line when One For the Money hits our local theater.

What do you think of the casting choices?  Who would be your "Dream Team"?


  1. Bullock is 46 way too old. The movie has almost wrapped as well it been filming for months.

  2. I can live with everything except the guy playing Morelli. I haven't seen Jason O'Mara in anything - at least I don't think so. So I will reserve judgement until the film comes out. But - the picture of Jason is not what I see in my head when I'm reading the books. I'm disappointed too but I'll wait and see. I'm just glad they are finally making a movie of it and I do love Kathryn Heigl.

  3. Oh yeah--I like Jason O'Mara a lot but not as Morelli! And I'm not in the least of fan of Heigl as Stephanie Plum--Jersey girl she is not. Oh Hollywood--yet again you disappoint!

  4. I too wasn't too sure about the casting. However, I saw a picture of Heigl as Stephanie and I could actually see it. I watched the last tv show O'Mara was in and he does have a sex appeal to him, but I am not too sure about him as Joe either. He isn't really what I pictured in my mind. I always pictured someone like Gerald Butler in that role without the accent. Someone with standoffish total sex-appeal. O'Mara has some of that, but we shall see. I would also have liked someone to play Ranger that had some Latin blood, but whatever. Sorry I am a bit late on this post. :) I missed your Twitter post and am not good at checking my rss reader. :) Some of my friends and I had a huge discussion on Facebook about at the end of August and most of them agreed with you. They just didn't see O'Mara in the part.

    Another thing - what about Stephanie's parents?

  5. I wished Betty white was gonna be Grandma Mazur, Mo'Nique as Lula, and the Rock as Benito. But the two who are playing them isn't bad. Katherine Heigl is my dream Stephanie and glad. But for the rest of them is okay I guess. Not a fan of the guy playing the extremely ITALIAN STALLION aka Joe Morelli. He don't even look Italian or that good looking. Joe is supposed to be tan, Italian, and irresistable to look away from. But I will say I wanna be the first to the midnight premier if they have one. Hail to Stephanie Plum.

  6. I agree, I always picture Daniel Sunjata as Morelli, and I love your pick of The Rock as Ranger! Curious to see how it is when the movie is released.

  7. Love the Ranger pick, Katherine could be good if she doesn't come off too sweetie pie. She's suppose to be from Jersey! Morelli- noooo. He's not an Italain Stallion. He's Irish! He'll have to do some acting. Having Sherri as Lulu is cute as long as she doesn't over act. It is Stephanie's show. Who's Connie?

  8. No No No to him as Morelli. I think any one of these hunks would be better: Alex O'Laughlin, Matthew McConaughey, Jesse Metcalfe, Colin Farrell or Jason Priestley.
    Also, I wish they would have considered LL Cool J or Shimar Moore for Ranger.

  9. Nope, O'Mara's not a Morelli. As far as the others go-- if Bullock had been cast as Stephanie, then Bratt would have worked, but more as Ranger with Chris Noth as Morelli. Unfortunately, they're really too "old" to play these characters, especially if this goes into other films. How about David Boreanaz because McConaughey is SO not an option!

  10. too disappointed about plum and morelli castings.

  11. I definately agree... The Rock would of made THE BEST Ranger - he has the sex appeal they they portray in the later books... soooo much more attractive and bulkier. Don't mind Heigl as Plum... but Morelli? Surely there is a better italian looking actor out there! Lula and Connie are perfect! As for Vinnie... I has him picked.. and Danny Devito sums it up

  12. Luis Roberto Guzmán / shemar moore(with hair).... great as ranger
    Raoul BovaorDavid Boreanaz/Josh Duhamel a great Morelli
    mandy moore/reese witherspoon (as a brunette)/sandra bullock as stephanie plum.
    betty white....grandma mazur
    Sherri Shepherd/monique/queen latiffa as.lula.

  13. Maybe Anne Hathaway could manage to pull out a Stephanie Plum.
    And what about Eddie Cibriani? Mmmm Ranger... He's got the perfect quirk for a smile.
    Estelle Getty would have been the supreme Grandma Mazur. Love Betty White but she's a bit sweet. Maybe Ann Morgan? She pulled off Yetta but she can dial it back as well.
    I agree Morelli's a tough call. Got nothing new.
    Queen Latifah would be great but Sherri Shepherd can carry it I'd say.

    I haven't decided whether or not to see it as I am so concerned it will leave me cold.