Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Family in Need

A few days ago, Donna at The House on the Corner asked for prayer for a family facing major medical problems with several of their children.   Amy, the incredible mom of these amazing little boys, has started a blog called Transplanted Thoughts to chronicle the daily struggles. 

And today the struggle has become an all out war.  Captain Snuggles, as she refers to her 8-month-old son, is fighting for his life and it's a mighty battle.  We are requesting two things of you.  First, please pray!  Pray for a miracle, and also for strength, peace and wisdom for this family. 

Second, give blood if you can.  We are avid proponents of being blood donors.  Our children began giving as soon as they were able, at age 16.  Our oldest daughter, Amy, received donated blood when she had complications following surgery, so it has become personal for us.  If not for blood donors, we could have lost her.  So, please, if you are physically able, be a blood donor and Give Life!  Check out http://www.redcross.org/ for information on a blood drive near you.


  1. Dave and Tami, I used to give blood every year, but have been asked not to since travelling to areas with malaria. I pray that your friend's family will know The Lord's presence with them in their crisis.

    Thanks for your nice comments on Steadfast. I will think of your "boring, bugs and beer" next time we are trolling for supper.

  2. Thank you - your thoughts and prayers and blood donations are incredible - Everyone's comments are what keeps me going through all of this. The idea that people are acting because of David's story, is just the best comfort I can take from this whole mess.