Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Family In Need - Part 2

Earlier this month I posted about a family who was facing a life-threatening illness in their 8-month-old son, David.  I'm heartbroken to deliver the news that David lost his battle on Monday, January 24th.  His mother, Amy, is an incredibly strong woman (as witnessed by her five-month-long vigil by his hospital bed) but the loss of her second child to this disease is a pain I can not fathom.  Please continue to pray for their family (there are three more little ones at home).  You can learn more of Amy and David's story or leave thoughts of condolence at . 

We will be donating blood in honor of David at our local blood drive on Feb. 8th.  If you are physically able, please find a blood drive near you and give in honor of David and to help others who are fighting their own battles.  It's a simple gift that can mean everything.  Visit

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