Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fishs Eddy Feeds My Freak*

While browsing Keris Stainton's blog, I read her post about a store she loves in New York.  I'm not the All-Things-New York fan that Keris is, so the NY skyline dishes and placemats she showed didn't ring any bells for me, but I decided to take a look at the website anyway.  The store is called Fishs Eddy - named for a small town in upstate New York.  Where the town got the name is a mystery you will have to unravel on your own. 

The store sells mainly dinnerware, glassware and table linens.  Being a dish Freak!, I went directly to the dinnerware page and clicked on the tab for Fishs Eddy's exclusive designs...and fell in love.  New York Times Crossword dinnerware!!! 

Ok, it might be a bit overwhelming en masse, and Dave refuses to eat off of square plates - I have no idea why - so I'm not in the market for the entire set, but a few pieces mixed with my current white - and round - dinnerware would be adorable.  (Perhaps if I stopped describing dishes as "adorable", Dave would be more apt to appreciate them.) 

If you look closely at the lower left corner of that picture, you will find the piece that may end up on my gotta-have-it-someday list.  The creamer!  On average, I don't care for artificial, flavored creamers in my coffee.  I use half & half, or actual cream if I'm feeling decadent.  How much classier would I be pouring cream from this pitcher rather than the cardboard carton? 

There really is no point to this post except to share a fun store you might enjoy.  If crosswords aren't your thing, they do have other designs, in a variety of shapes, that are almost as cute.  http://www.fishseddy.com/ 

*lame reference to Feed My Frankenstein by Alice Cooper.

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