Thursday, February 24, 2011

Scooby-Dooby-Doo, Where Are You?

I have not ceased to exist, nor have I ceased to read.  My internet service has not been disconnected and we haven't gone on an extended vacation to Bali.  I have simply been overwhelmed with projects that need to be completed at the library, and projects that need to be completed at home and...well, just generally overwhelmed.  Several things have been abandoned, as sad and lonely as a daughter with a malfunctioning car, along the highway of life.  Fortunately, most of those things are optional stuff like laundry and toilet cleaning, but blog posts seem to have gotten stranded also. 

I even have half-a-dozen ideas saved as drafts, and a couple of completed books that could be reviewed, but rather than writing, I find myself spending free time pondering the meaning of life while staring at a sudoku puzzle or watching House Hunters and telling the prospective homeowners what self-indulgent, gluttonous brats they are.  (Honestly, has anyone ever died from lack of duel sinks in their bathroom?  We've been married for over twenty-eight years and having one bathroom sink has never been an issue. And how large does a master bedroom really need to be?  Are you planning to hold a hoedown in there?)

Anyway, things are moving rapidly at our house.  All three children, plus both grandsons will be here for the weekend - weather on Raton Pass willing - then we'll be going on a short trip, so we'll be a bit scarce for a while longer but never fear - or should I say, be afraid, be very afraid - cause we shall return.  We've got loads of exciting things coming up we can't wait to share.


  1. I totally with you on the drive in bathrooms. I've never really felt the need to have a bathroom big enough for a king sized bed. To think my little three bedroom, 1 bath house was the home to seven people at one time is amazing.

  2. Anxiously await trip tales.

    Double sinks are a God-send. I will never go back to sharing. Not because we both need to use the sink at the same time - but because I don't enjoy looking at shaved whiskers and toothpaste globs I didn't create.