Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tangled Thursday: Monotangle

This week's theme comes from Marie at Daisy's Book Journal.  

Create a monotangle.  Your whole creation should contain one tangle pattern.  That doesn't mean you have to start with one shape and fill it in the same way.  You could start with numerous shapes or a string and do many variations on the same tangle in each of the spaces.
Being in the Christmas mood, I started with a star ornament design.  I penciled in a grid over the entire star, then added a string to create sections.  Each section is filled with a variation on the W2 pattern.  W2 (which stands for warp and weft) looks like weaving and is probably my favorite tangle to draw. 

The center space is the original W2 pattern and the five points are filled with variations. As with most of my tangles, this was drawn on standard off-white sketchbook paper.  The pinkish edges are merely bad lighting and photography.  

I couldn't resist adding some Christmas tree details.

It's my turn to select the challenge for next week - December 12th.  The challenge is to incorporate a word into your tangle.  This can be done by drawing/printing block letters and filling them in, by drawing/printing block letters and filling in area around the letters (leaving letters blank), by working handwriting or caligraphy into a pattern, or in any other way you dream up.

Tangled Thursday is hosted by Heather @ Books and Quilts.


  1. your star is wonderful. Love how your jazzed it up for Christmas. I don't draw that tangle often but love the way it turns out. Now to start thinking words.

  2. Wonderful star, Tami!!! I love W2 and your variations. The extras you added are terrific. Really lovely.

    I'm looking forward to this week's challenge. It's really going to make me think! Have a great week.

  3. Love the star!! Even though I haven't tried this art form I look forward to every Thursday!!!