Friday, February 28, 2014

Zerrik Meets Erik . . .

It's not every day that you get to see generosity and humility in action, but our grandsons got a big dose on Saturday.  The young man pictured below is high jumper Erik Kynard, Kansas State University alumni, 8-time All American, 6-time Big XVII Champion, 2-time National Champion and Olympic Silver Medalist.  When Dave saw on Twitter that Erik would be competing at the USATF National Championship in Albuquerque on Saturday, he immediately called Amy and asked her to take the boys (Zerrik on the left, Treyvin on the right) to see Erik jump.  He also tweeted to Eric to be on the lookout for a couple handsome young fans wearing their K-State purple.  

The boys watched Erik clear 2.3 meters (7 ft. 6 in.) to win gold.  Afterward, Erik spotted them and stopped to place his newly-earned gold medal around Zerrik's neck, pose for a quick pic, and walked away...leaving behind a couple of surprised and thrilled young men.

What a generous gift and what a positive role model.  In a world of professional athletes who exhibit cocky, self-centered attitudes, Erik showed his young fans how to be gracious.


  1. This put a great big smile on the face of an Olympic Mom...#thanksforsharing

  2. Erik you are awesome. From the smiles on Zerrik and Treyvin's faces you did a lot. You made their day. I'm am so proud of you. True fans Zerrik and Treyvin you guys rock

  3. This is great!!! There are good and caring people in this world!! Great grandparents also to hook it all up!