Friday, June 13, 2014

Tangled Thu . . . Friday: My How Time Flies

This week's challenge from Heather is to showcase our favorite Zentangle pattern.  The choice was easy: W2/Huggins - 2 variations of weaving.  I started doodling on graph paper (my favorite way to practice patterns that require a grid).  There are so many ways to vary this idea:
Technically, straight lines and square corners is W2; curved lines and round corners (round corners - is that an oxymoron?) is Huggins.  The size of the circles and degree of line curvature can vary the look.  Filling or trimming the sections creates another look.  Uneven spacing of the corners makes a "crazy" weave.  You can even add flowers or pinwheels - a handy way to cover errors.  It makes a great background or feature.

I ran out of time for actually creating a new tile, but you can bet you'll see this pattern in many future tangles.  Thanks for the challenge and for hosting, Heather.


  1. Those are my favorites too - because I can actually do them sometimes - - - I love to look at your drawings!

  2. While I have used both of these, I didn't try any variations. And the grid paper is brilliant. I really must play with these.
    Thanks for linking up with Tangled Thursday.

  3. Very nice work, Tami!! My first thought for this challenge was to do W2. Even as I started drawing, I had it in mind. Then at the last second, I decided on a different pattern. I love all of your variations. I might be "stealing" them for a future challenge. ;)

  4. These look like so much fun. I really like the weaving patterns you do.

  5. This looks very cool - they look lovely weaving like this!!

    ~ Diane Clancy