Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Puzzling Post: Gimme That Old Time Puzzle

If you are over 50, the puzzle below probably contains 26 familiar items.  If you're under 30, you probably see 26 confusing pictures.  As my mother always says, "It sure is exquisite, but what the heck is it?"  Can you tell me what the heck each of these pictures are?

There is no prize beyond the satisfaction of knowing you haven't totally lost your memory. Answers will be posted Monday . . . or Tuesday . . . or whenever I remember to do it. 


  1. Heck we still have some of those things in our house - although as collectibles and not things we actually use!

  2. Tab off a pop can, an insert for a 45 record, rotary phone, green stamp book, stumped me on this one!, Sears Christmas catalogue, floppy disk, roll of film, percolator, rabbit ears, home movie projector, speaker @ a drive-in, tape recorder, Christmas tree, typewriter, flash cube, electric curlers, juke box, stumped me again, roller skates, eraser, Polaroid camera, alarm clock, library card catalogue, first mobile phone?, view finder disk.

    Good one Tami!

  3. Yes I definitely recognize each one!