Thursday, July 3, 2014

That Old Time Puzzle: The Answers

Several readers recognized all of the items in the puzzle - even some who aren't in my age bracket.  Hope you had fun, no matter how many you got correct.

Top to bottom; left to right:

Soda/beer can "pop top"
45 rpm record insert
Rotary dial telephone
S&H Greenstamps
Cash register
Sears Christmas Wish Book
Floppy disc
Film cartridge
Percolator coffee pot
"Rabbit Ears" TV antennae
Movie projector
Drive-in theater speakers
Cassette player/recorder
Aluminum Christmas tree
Flash cube
Hot rollers
Juke box with records
"American Bandstand" logo
Roller skates with skate key
Typewriter eraser
Polaroid camera
Alarm clock
Library card catalog
Bag phone
Viewmaster reel

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