Thursday, July 3, 2014

Stitches, Tangles and Terriers

"Before beginning your assignment, please read ALL of the instructions."  How many times did I hear that in school?  Maybe I should have paid more attention.  Seems I'm a weak early with this post.  The assignment was for July 10!  

Yesterday was a tough day for my sister and her family.  They lost a precious companion, friend and family member - their Boston Terrier, Dodger.    He was on my mind as I worked on this week's Tangled Thursday challenge - to use "negative space" in a drawing - so here is my Zen tribute to Dodger:

I really enjoyed this challenge.  I had so many ideas, I wasted most of my time looking for images and jumping between ideas, that I nearly ran out of time to get ANYTHING drawn. Being in a rush caused some errors and sloppy work, so I hope to do/redo more drawings with negative space.   Here is what I did accomplish:

I saw this design on line and copied.  The treble clef emblem was clearer in the original.

Christmas in July.  I was really liking this one until I was down to the last area to fill (along the right side).  I tried to copy a design I saw online and it didn't work at all!  I may retry this one, too.

I didn't get my Needlework Tuesday post up this week, so once again, I'm including it here.  I finished this baby blanket that I was loom knitting.  I was very happy with the knitting - Figure 8 stitch using Bernat "Baby Blanket" bulky yarn.  The part that made me unhappy was the joining of the two panels.  I stitched them together following a video on YouTube, but something didn't work quite right.  My seam is not invisible, like theirs was.  I added a crocheted border in solid blue in an attempt to blend the edges of the two panels.  That was slightly successful. 

This has me a little nervous about my flag afghan, since it is made in 5 sections and then joined.  I better watch that video a few more times!


  1. Those are so awesome and you are very talented!

  2. How sweet of you - I love the negative space idea! The baby blanket looks very soft and cuddly - great job!

  3. Beautiful! I wish I had this gift :)