Monday, July 7, 2014

Cut 'em Out, Ride 'em In - Rawhide!

Last summer when our neighbors wanted to move their cattle from pasture west of our house to pasture east of our house, they had a miniature cattle drive down the road.  However, they forgot to take our driveway into account.  Forty heifers saw Green Acres as the proverbial "greener pasture", took a right turn and headed for the garden.  Fortunately for the garden, I was in it and chose to throw myself, leopard-print pajamas and all, into the line of fire - or line of stampede as the case may be.  Evidently a woman with bed head and the aforementioned pj's, waving her garden basket and yelling  "Hya" in her best imitation of a TV cowboy, gives cattle pause.  So, with modern cowboys charging through the yard on 4-wheelers yelling other, less printable words, the cattle happily returned to the road and on to their new home.  They did leave a few "reminders" in the yard that made for careful stepping for a couple days.

This year, when it came time for the same trek, the neighbors asked if we would park our pickup across the end of the driveway and "stand in the gap" to avoid a repeat.  Dave and Gabby-the-Big-Red-Idiot-Dog, took up position at the driveway and I did my best to make the gap between lilac bushes seem less attractive.    This plan worked perfectly and I had time to snap some pictures:

The new-fangeled version of a carrot on a stick - a hay bale on a pickup.

A couple of adventurous souls wandered into the grass near the drive,
but thought better of making a break for the garden.

This gal again wandered into the grass at my post, as if to say
"Do you really think you can stop me if I want through?"

And this little fella had to skip to keep up with mom.

Just one of the reasons we love life at Green Acres.