Monday, August 11, 2014

Life Under Construction

Just One More Thing will soon be wrapping up five years of publishing posts about books, crafts, family, life and utter nonsense.  Hard to believe!  In those five years, Mitch and Amanda graduated from high school and college, we moved to Green Acres, I left my dream job as a librarian, I turned 50 ... and 51... and 52 ...

So here I am at 53.  My children are adults.  What now?  Time to regroup.  A dear lady, Nancy K. Grace, wrote about mid-way points in her e-newsetter, GraceNotes, 
"One of the challenges of the mid-way point of a project is pressing on to finish in spite of the setbacks of tiredness, lack of motivation, or loss of vision for the completed project."
I realize 53 is most likely not the "mid-way" point of my life, but I am feeling a decided tiredness and loss of vision for both the blog and life - so, both are getting an overhaul. Not just a facelift, although that is part of the plan (figuratively for me and literally for the blog) - but a true remodel, tear away those things that are not necessary for the next chapter and start fresh with only those things which add value and beauty to my "second half".

This process could take a while, and you may have to suffer with me through some of the rehab, but I hope you'll stick around - or return if you were a follower in an earlier era - and see the results of a Life Under Construction.


  1. Love the new look, Tami and am excited to watch your construction project!

  2. I'm looking forward to learning more about what you decide to do. Sounds like a good idea; I'm feeling much the same way.