Saturday, February 14, 2015

Tangled Thursday

Don't panic, you haven't overslept and it's Thursday already.  I'm just running a little behind getting this posted.  It was my turn to select the theme for the Tangled Thursday challenge and, in honor of our new business, Wabash Construction, I chose the letter "W".   I used a curvy W as my string and found seven patterns that begin with W - including my favorite, W2.  

I could tell I was way out of practice. Things didn't come out as precisely as I wanted, but I had fun, so it's all good.  Now that I've got the pen and paper back out, I'm fired up for the next challenge.

Visit Heather at Books & Quilts to see all entries in this challenge, or to link your own post - then check out the next challenge.


  1. Very cool W tangle, Ann - great job!! :) :)

    ~ Diane Clancy

    1. Whoops sorry, Tami!! Got mixed up on names!! :)

  2. Can this be part of the next Sister Weekend? I really need to move forward with Zenning!

  3. I missed the 'w' at first, but then started with the curly cue at the upper left and looked closer. Well done. Thanks for the fun challenge.

    Thanks for linking up with Tangled Thursday.