Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Good-bye Old Friend

Dave bought me this Kenmore sewing machine in 1981, a year before we were married.  For thirty-four years, it has followed me from house to house, town to town, state to state and back again.  You can see the packing tape on the cover, to ensure heavy-handed movers didn't knock the latches open mid-move.  There were years that it just sat in a closet until someone needed a split seam repaired, but it has gotten it's fair share of use and it's age is showing.  New belts and oil aren't getting rid of the bumps and squeaks any more, and the bobbin winder ceased winding.  The part it needs is no longer available, so I've been getting by with a "Side Winder" - a small machine that does nothing but wind bobbins - and not very well.  The time has come to put the old girl out to pasture.  

I read various web-sites that reviewed the best machines for an average seamstress.  I don't need to spend thousands of dollars on a computerized model that knows more than I do.  I don't make the kind of projects that require that.  I just want to do a little quilting, a little crafting, simple clothing construction and repairs.   I settled on this Singer heavy-duty model - deemed "Best In Class" for beginning to moderate sewing.

I haven't had a lot of time to play with the new stitches, but it sews smoothly, the tension remains constant and the bobbin doesn't tangle on every-other seam.  Those are all great strides!  This model also adapts for free-motion quilting, which I'm anxious to try on small projects.

My old pal will remain in storage for the time being - in case I need a back up - but I'm enjoying the ease of sewing with my new friend.


  1. OOOOooo...Nice! Every time I see one of those fancy new machines with all of the buttons and electronics, I fall in love. Then, I come to my senses and realize that I don't sew enough to warrant buying one. I've been sticking with my old one and getting it serviced regularly to make sure it runs smoothly when I need it.

    I laughed when I saw that you were going to keep the old one for "back up". That's exactly what I do when I buy something new. Right now I have a back up toaster, blender, iron, coffee maker, knife set, pot set....;)