Saturday, December 5, 2015

How Much is That Reindeer in the Window?

Dave gave me that look - the one he gives me when he thinks I've lost my mind - at a recent estate auction.  All I did was bid $3 on a pile of thirteen old and, presumably, useless windows.  Obviously, he isn't up on the latest Pinterest project fads.

Breaking the glass out of a window turned out to be more difficult than Dennis the Menace cartoons would lead you to believe.  I was surprised at how many times the ball merely bounced off the glass, rather than shattering.  Yes, I could have chipped all the putty away from the edges and removed the glass in tact, but where's the fun in that? Eventually, I had an empty window frame, gave it a coat of red paint, sanded half of it back off and created this decoration for the front porch.  Totally worth the 23 cents I paid.

For my second window project I left the glass and chipped paint intact, then added a couple Peeping Toms . . . or Peeping Nicks?  It's hard to get a good photograph.  With no flash, the details don't show up, but the flash creates a glare.  The plan is to hang it in the living room window, but until I make a run to the hardware store, it's propped on the sill.  Who's betting that it will still be propped on the sill on Christmas day?

Back to Pinterest.  I need eleven more project ideas.


  1. When we got new windows a couple of years ago, I got the same look when I tried to save all the old ones. I finally settled on keeping a handful. I haven't done anything with the majority of them yet, but I do have plans.

    Very nice work, Tami! Both of these projects are terrific.

  2. What a great idea! I love these kind of craft projects. Can't wait to see what you do with the other windows.

  3. I love it that Santa and Rudolph are watching you!