Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Needlework Tuesday

These Christmas ornaments are not technically "needlework", since there is no sewing involved.  But, since they involve cutting, folding and pressing - close enough.  Fabric squares are folded in half, then into triangles, and pinned into place on styrofoam balls, then the raw edges are covered with ribbon.  Specific instructions are easy to find on Pinterest.

Most of my real stitching this week has been dedicated to making pot holders.  I donated these potholders to a benefit auction at church and one of the ladies there asked me to make sixteen more for her to give as Christmas gifts.  I have 10 left to top-stitch and they are complete. They would have been done sooner, but I got sidetracked by the idea of a "10 Minute Quilt Block".  I saw a video that showed a short-cut method to producing a 20-inch quilt block in 10 minutes.  Theoretically, you could make an entire throw-size quilt top (9 blocks = 60" x 60") in 90 minutes.  In reality, it's possible if you were starting with pre-cut 10" squares and are familiar with the method.  Add in the time it took me to find enough scrap pieces 10x10" or larger, cut them, watch the tutorial again, rip out a few mistakes . . . I still had a 60x60" quilt top assembled in an afternoon.  

Sorry for the poorly lit picture, but you get the idea.
The fabrics are all remnants from favorite projects.  I was hoping for thirty-six different fabrics, not including the black and white center squares, but came up a bit short.   I think there are two fabrics that are repeated.  After I took the picture, I added a border from the same black fabric used for the centers.  It's going to get backed with flannel and tied for a cuddly, TV-watching blanket.  

If you want to try the 10-Minute Block, just search for it on You-Tube.  The same lady also came up with a 5-Minute Block.  This time I purchased a "layer cake" of pre-cut squares.  I only have four squares completed so far.  Hopefully I'll have a finished quilt top to show you next week.

Needlework Tuesday is hosted by Heather @ Books and Quilts.  Visit her to see what she and other participants are stitching this week.


  1. those balls are pinned and pins and needles count for Needlework Tuesday. I remember making balls like that one year. They were a lot of fun and they do look lovely on the tree.

    I think that block is the same one that my mom made. it looks so pretty.

    My Needlework Tuesday post is up now, better late than never, and you are welcome to add your link.

  2. Gorgeous Christmas ornaments! Looks like a great way to use up scraps. They are definitely on my "crafts to do one day" list. Your quilt is really nice, too. I love the idea of using remnants from you favourite projects.

    Have a great week!

  3. I love these ornaments! I'll have to look up the instructions as I am not very crafty when it comes to fabric projects. Your quilt top is beautiful!!!!

  4. Those ornaments are terrific. I'm going to look into making some myself.

  5. I need to remember this when I need a fast scrappy quilt, I think I heard about it once but this show just what it is!