Friday, April 23, 2010

Jesus Christ Superstar

Last Tuesday we traveled to Hays, Kansas, where our son goes to college, to see Jesus Christ Superstar on stage.  This was the national touring company starring Ted Neeley, who starred in the 1973 film version for which he received a Golden Globe nomination.  We had heard the music before, and Dave saw the movie in high school, but this was a first for the stage production.  It was phenomenal!

The show depicts the final seven days of Jesus' life - performed entirely in 60's-70's-style rock music.  Without spoken words there were parts that were difficult to follow unless you were familiar with the scripture on which it's based - we had to give some additional explanations to the kids during intermission, but we were pleased with how closely it followed the scriptural story.

The talent of the performers - singers and orchestra - was amazing.  John Twiford, who played Judas, has a gorgeous voice.  Among his credits he lists a "run" on American Idol in season 8, where he made it to the top 52.  We were shocked, especially after hearing some of those who have made the top ten on that same show, that he didn't make it further.  He has an incredible talent.

Even though it was produced in a small theater, the dramatic lighting and sound made for an enthralling experience.   The tour heads west from here, through Colorado and Wyoming then into Canada.  If you get the change to see it, it's well worth the cost and travel.

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