Wednesday, April 28, 2010

That Was Then, This Is Now

Our baby will be graduating from high school in seventeen days.  We dug through boxes and albums to collect pictures from infancy through her senior year for use in the video that will be shown during the graduation ceremony.  Brought back lots of memories and laughs - and ok, maybe Mom had a few tears.  How did my little blond cheerleader turn into this brunette beauty?  (Well ok, although her hair has darkened considerably on it's own, some of that brunette comes from a bottle.)  It is amazing how fast time passes!  At the time of the first picture, I would scoff at people who said that.  I thought the only time that passed quickly was nap time but, sadly, they were correct. In keeping with the great words of wisdom given to me by my sister, whose nest emptied out about six years ago: "She's not leaving the day after graduation" so we're looking forward to a fun gathering of family and friends to celebrate Dear Daughter's accomplishments - not to mention the end of school lunches, late night washings of sports uniforms, forgotten homework, and teen girl drama.  Congratulations, Sweet Baby!


  1. Time does pass so quickly the older you get, but when you tell your high school age children that, they, like us back then, just don't believe it...LOL

    Your daughter is very pretty. Congrats on this big milestone.

  2. I've got one at that same point in life and we were doing the same thing today with the pics. They don't show pics at graduation but we'll have a slideshow running at his party. In some ways it seems like only yesterday he was that cute little guy with the huge eyes and in other ways it seems like so long ago. Your Sweet Baby is certainly a beauty!