Thursday, October 14, 2010

Movie Review: Ramona and Beezus

Adorable!  Ramona and Beezus are just as much fun on screen as they have been in print for over fifty years.  

All the familiar characters from Klickitat Street are there, including  Henry Huggins, who is now a teenager and coping with a budding romance with Beezus.  Plus, there are characters who were new to me because they came along in the later Ramona books - loooong after my grade-school days.

The story revolves around changes in the Quimby household when Mr. Quimby loses his job.  Antics from several books are combined, with some new material added in, to make a completely fun movie.  No cuss words - except when Ramona threatens to use a "bad" word and yells "Guts!" - no sex, no blood; just good clean fun.  Even with the G rating, it didn't feel like watching a "kids" movie.  Portions of the story appealed to all ages.  We recommend this movie to everyone who has small kids, who once had small kids or who once were small kids. 


  1. Sounds like good relaxing entertainment!! Perfect for a Saturday afternoon on the couch!

  2. Hey Tami & Dave! I'm stopping by to say that the November Novella Challenge is back! I hope you guys will join up again!

  3. I'm really keen to see this one. Hope it plays in South Korea.