Thursday, October 28, 2010

Movie Review: You Again

What doesn't kill going to marry your brother.

Round 1:  Marni, high school nerd turned beautiful, successful career woman, comes home to meet her brother's fiance', Joanna - only to find that Joanna is actually J.J., the popular cheerleader who tormented her teen years.  Joanna pretends to not remember Marni or any of her own horrid behavior.

Round 2: When Joanna's "Aunt Mona" arrives for the wedding, she turns out to be Ramona, Marni's mother's ex-best friend from high school.  The two of them had a falling-out at their senior prom and have harbored their hard feelings all these years.

Betty White is her usual comical self as Grandma Bunny, and there's even a brief appearance by Patrick Duffy who, incidently, is even dreamier than he was as Bobby Ewing in Dallas thirty years ago. 

There were a couple points where the plot became a bit frantic with over-the-top jokes and shenanigans that seemed avoidable, but rational behavior isn't usually entertaining.  This was a fun date night movie and we left the theater smiling.


  1. I've seen the previews for this movie and wondered if it would actually be a good one. Sounds like you guys liked it. I'll have to tell my husband.

  2. We loved this movie!! Very funny - and actually no bad language or racy scenes! A pleasant surprise for sure! And ditto on Bobby Ewi . . . I mean Patrick Duffy!