Thursday, April 14, 2011

American Idol

It's my second favorite time of year - American Idol season.  And this season is the best yet.  First off, I'm nuts over Steven Tyler, even when he says things like "E to the Z and a zippity doo dah dee."  Huh?  It's worth watching for nothing more than the moments when he breaks into song.  What a voice!

But the best thing about this season is no Simon!!  The original show in England, for which he was a judge, was called Pop Idol and Simon was determined that the American version be the same.  Only pop music was allowed.  He put down anyone who tried to sing anything else.  This season, I'm enjoying the judges allowing each contestant to be what they want to be - even when it's heavy metal.  

My favorites are Paul McDonald - how can you resist that smile and his crazy dancing?  Not to mention the Rod Stewart voice...

...and Jacob Lusk.  Love his rich, soulful tone and I admire his willingness to take a moral stand on national tv and not worry about the consequences.  

I recognize that James Durbin is probably the greatest talent on the stage and could give Adam Lambert a run for his money; and that Casey Abrams is an incredible musician, which I respect, so they run a close 3rd and 4th.  Who are your favorites?  


  1. I love watching this show too. I agree with you that the changes this year are for the best. Changing the judges made all the differences. These three have such a passion for music and it shows in the much improved quality of the contestants. My favorite was Pia but I also love Casey and James and Jacob. I also love Paul's smile but I can't say he's one of my favorites. I'll root for him on your behalf but probably won't vote for him. Do you vote?

  2. My favorite is James,has been from the first. I can't help but cheer for someone who I'm sure has had a rough life as he struggled with his Tourette's. Too bad Paul is gone now; guy has the greatest smile!