Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Needlework Tuesday

This week, I actually have measurable progress on my stitching.  If you read last week's Needlework Tuesday, you'll remember that I'm making Christmas stockings for my grandkids.  Here are the three I have finished for Hubby and two of our kids.  I also made one for Amy and her ex-husband, but they are in Albuquerque.

And here is the work-in-progress for Grandson #1.
As you can see, I got frustrated finishing the cross-stitch on the small items at the bottom.  With just a few stitches of each color, I was spending more time threading needles than stitching, so I moved back to the top to add in some of the backstitching.  It helps to see at least a little of what it will look like when complete.  Eventually, I'm going to have to finish those details, but for now at least I feel like I'm getting something done.

I need information from other crafters who have tried needle-punch embroidery.  I saw a demonstration on TV this morning and it looks interesting.  Anyone tried it and care to share their opinion?

Be sure to visit Heather at Books and Quilts to see what other crafters are working on this week.


  1. Your stockings are amazing. when I do cross-stitch I also tend to jump around the area of the project.

  2. Wow! I tried cross stitching once but didn't have the patience for it.

  3. Lucky grandkids! These are beautiful. Great job. I'm another jumper when it comes to cross-stitch/needlepoint/crewel etc. It really depends on my mood.

  4. Absolutely lovely stockings. I also like cross-stitching, but somehow have lost the patience for it completely.

  5. Those are amazing!! I'm sure these will be something your grandkids will treasure always.