Monday, April 16, 2012

Dancin' and Singin' - A Little Behind the Beat

I'm way behind on blogging.  As a matter of fact, I'm behind on most things, but I take that "better late than never" thing pretty seriously, so here's what I thought about last week's Reality TV:

American Idol: 

Once again, Joshua left me speechless.  Loved the song choice, loved the interpretation, loved the showmanship, I probably love the way this kid ties his shoes. Joshua is my pick to win it all!

Colton has more genuine musical talent that most on this show in any year.  Didn't care for this song, but loved the way he performed it.  Jessica has more talent than she realizes, yet her songs just seem to fall flat.  This is a recording:  Amazing voice, needs more personality and expression.  Hollie had her best performance of the year and the judges can just bite me.

Elise - ok; Skylar - same song, different week; Phillip - blah

I was shocked at the voting results and totally agreed with the judges to save Jessica.

Dancing With the Stars:  Most of the salient details escape me at the moment (should really write posts as soon as the show's over) but I do remember that Sherri Shepherd went home, which is sad because she's so likeable, but probably still the right choice.  In other news, Donald Driver did an awesome Paso; Jaleel White continues to amaze me; And Melissa Gilbert is a drama queen.


  1. My father thought that they played us. He thought it was a planned show and I said they can't do that. That has to be how the voting was but I was speechless watching it. Yes she need to be saved, she is one of the best ever!

  2. Darn; wrote a comment and Blogger ate it. I was saying that I hope American Idol wasn't playing with us; if I find out they did, I would never watch the show again! Glad Jessica got the save; wonder how it will play out this week!