Thursday, April 26, 2012

Reality Wrap-Up

Dancing With The Stars:  Motown Week was a hoot - loved the performances by Smokey Robinson and The Temptations.

As if you couldn't guess, Jaleel White's cha-cha was my favorite this week.  The boy's got rhythm!  Katherine Jenkins was also phenomenol.  Mark's original choreography, which has been both a blessing and a curse to past contestants, has been only a plus for her this season.

On the lower end of the spectrum, Gladys Knight and Roshon Fegan (better known as "Disney Boy" at our house) ended up in the dance off.  I expected Roshon to be an easy winner, but some off-beat kicks and frantic arm-waving made it a close decision.  Although they say they only consider that one dance, the judges can't help but take the entire season into consideration, and I think they made the right choice.

American Idol:  Breaking news - - - I don't agree with the judges!  At one point last night, JLo took Hollie down (politely, of course) for getting emotional, then told her she needs to let her emotions show.  I don't know where they get these judges, but they should find some who know something about music!  (*sarcasm*)

As is becoming a tradition, I ranked Joshua Ledet at the top!  I'm running out of words - Wow, Awesome and Amazing just aren't cutting it any more.  So how about "Perfection"?

There were a couple of surprises, however.  Here's my  "leader board":

Joshua - 10 out of 10

Hollie - 9 out of 10.  Her first song had some beautiful tender moments and emotion, but no "wow" moment.  Song #2, "The Climb", earned her a Joshua-style "perfection" mark.

Jessica - 8 out of 10.  That little, bitty girl has such an unbelievable voice - but she edited "Bohemian Rhapsody" down to the easy parts.  It may have been sung beautifully, but points off for no challenge.  Song #2 - FINALLY!  Finally, she used all that talent and emotion.  She even gave Dave "goosies".

Elise - 6 out of 10.  I was excited for her to get to show her rock side again, and she did the song well technically, but again, no "wow" moment.  Song #2 was, evidently, a Jimmy Hendrix song, but unfamiliar to me.  Technically complex, but I couldn't understand one single word she sang.  Just didn't trip my trigger.

Phillip - 4 out of 10.  His version of Queen's "Fat Bottomed Girls" was sooooo far out of his element that I actually felt bad for him.  He tried, but it was too slow and he didn't stand out from the band.  One of the judges called his second song "too artsy".  I just called it "ugly"!

And a special note about Skylar.  I gave Skylar 2 out of 10 possible points - 1 per song.  I'm not denying she can sing and knock it out of the park, but it's time to move on or go home.  For her Queen song she chose an obscure song and sang it exactly like she sings every song - start loud, get louder until she's screaming.  I take notes as I watch, and this is what I wrote for Skylar's second song:  "Guess what? Skylar can sing a country song, sing it loudly and scream at the end!  Blah, blah, blah!"  Do I know that, technically she deserved more than 2 points? Yes. But she's going to have to do something else to earn them from me.  Cause it's my blog and I can judge if I want to, judge if I want to....


  1. I agree with you on Joshua and Hollie! Actually Jessica to. I am not a fan of Elise for no particular reason, she just isn't a favorite of mine. I Philip a lot. I think it is unfair when they have to sing songs like Queen when they are not that type of singer!

  2. Watching the show as I type this; you already know whose been eliminated. I am glad Jessica made it in the top three, I didn't want her to be eliminated if her dad was in the audience, especially with his upcoming deployment. I'm thinking Joshua is going to take it all in a few weeks :)