Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Needlework Tuesday

I finally had a Saturday at home, so got to do a little sewing.  I whipped up two more child-size aprons.  The pink Snoopy print is the same size as the original pattern (age 2-5), with one minor change.  The neck strap was a little long for my 2-year-old test subject, so I added elastic so that the strap could be a bit shorter, but still go over her head.  The aprons close at the waste with Velcro so little cooks can do it themselves.  They are also reversible - the back side is made from the contrasting fabric on the straps and pockets.  The pink/blue print apron is a slightly larger version (age 6-8).    I hit the discount fabric bin and picked up a selection of girly prints to make more of these to sell.  I also purchased a pattern and fabric to make adult-size versions as Christmas gifts.  They are a quick and easy project.

Remember that throw-size quilt for the camper that I was going to finish in June as part of the UFO Challenge?  Is it the end of June yet?  It's finally finished!  Well, it still needs backing, ties and binding, but the top is finished.  It's a Disappearing 9-patch with no sashes between blocks. It's a good pattern for beginners because it looks way more complicated than it is, and there are very few seams that have to line up.  The challenge was that, since the blocks don't have an obvious up/down, I kept getting them rotated 90 degrees which then put like-fabrics together.  I ripped out and re-sewed the first few, but there are two that I didn't notice until I had attached the next row and it was too much ripping for a quilt that's supposed to look random and will only be used to cuddle up by a campfire.  Now if I can just get it completed before snow flies.

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  1. The children's aprons are adorable Tami, what a clever idea to have them reversible :)

  2. Love those aprons. Did you use quilting weight cotton or is it a thicker twill? I've used both in the past, but I do prefer the leftovers from the quilt cotton best. :) I really like the fabrics for your camp blanket.

  3. Nice work, Tami. Sorry I'm so behind in commenting.