Friday, September 13, 2013

To Everything There is a Season . . .

...A time to be happy, happy, happy - as I posted about on Monday - and a time to be not-so-happy.  My sister, Teri, took my idea (I'm telling, Mom!) and turned it around.  What things make you "not so happy"?  Not fighting mad or brought to tears - just the things that make you sigh in frustration or disappointment instead of with contentment.  I stole the first two on my list from Teri's list (turn about is fair play):

1.  Muddy dog prints on the floor.
2.  Bad books.

And I'm adding:

3.  Quilt block seams that don't line up
4.  Squash bugs
5.  Bad hair days
6.  The end of the bobbin thread.
7.  Exercise
8.  Dust
9.  Lopsided loads of laundry that make the washer jump and thump.
10.  Learning to tat lace. (Details in a post next week)

Visit Teri at Henningsen Happenings to find out what makes her steam and add your own list in the comments. 

Have a not not-so-happy day!


  1. I'll play along:
    1. bad customer service
    2. mediocre food in restaurants/take-out
    3. photographs that don't turn out
    4. people who don't follow through on their word
    5. out of ink printers
    6. price of ink
    7. friends who haven't noticed I've lost more than 20 pounds
    8. recipes that don't turn out

    I tend to be a negative person to begin with, so I could go on and on, but I'll stop there. I sort of liked the happy list better because it really made me think of the positive things in life rather than the negative.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. 1. Driver's that think I should let them in when their lane is ending instead of waiting their turn.
    2. Coming home to a sink full of dirty dishes.
    3. Ditto on the bobbin thread!
    4. Running late for work only to find traffic at a standstill.
    5. Running late for work only to find that I forgot to fill up the night before.
    6. My husband's refusal to hang towels up the "right" way. (it's the little things, you know?!)
    7. People talking on their cell phones in public.
    8. Finding out I'm out of one ingredient when I've already started a recipe.
    9. The way the price of gas fluctuates.
    10. When a product I love isn't no longer available. I'm looking at you manufacturer of Bolt paper towels.