Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Needlework Tuesday:

Last week I told you about the craft book I received for Christmas:  One Yard Wonders.  The book features sewing projects that can be made with a single yard of fabric.  My first project was the Folklore Bag.  

The bag is a great size - approximately 12" wide x 10" high adn 3" wide.  The darts on front and back add a little extra width.  The pattern included one interior pocket, but I added a second one for extra organization.  I also like the long straps (purse straps too short to fit over my shoulder when I'm wearing a winter coat are one of my pet peevs), and magnetic closure.

But my favorite part is the fabric.  This bag didn't really require the entire yard of fabric advertised in the book title, but needed to be heavier than standard quilting cotton, so nothing in my stash was quite right.  While I was waiting for a chance to get out of town to a fabric store (none locally), I was browsing the antique mall - one of my favorite pass-times.  While admiring the vintage tablecloths it hit me - this isn't just a tablecloth, it's two yards of fabric that would be perfect for my purse.  The one I selected was under $10, so obviously not a rare find that I would be cursed for cutting up.  The one I chose had a pattern of large poppies around the border with a medallion of smaller flowers in the center, so I was able to "fussy cut" all the pieces to give it a more custom look.  The lining is a remnant of quilting fabric I found in my stash, so the only expense, other than the tablecloth, was the magnetic closure.  

I have more than half of the tablecloth left - awaiting the next project that needs a vintage touch.  I will now be scouring the antique and 2nd hand stores for inexpensive table linens to use in future projects. I love taking items that are no longer usable, such as linens with small tears or stains, and giving them a new life. 

I also finished my prayer quilt this week.  The very simple top, comprised of squares decorated by my children and grandchildren, got an equally simple finish:  pink flannel backing (no batting so it will be usable in warmer months) and quilting around the border of each square.
Next up - frilly little dresses.  My niece requested donations of clothing - especially frilly dresses - to be sent to Uganda with a missionary.  He said that the girls there especially love dresses with lots of ruffles and frills.  Don't have to tell me twice.  I can't wait to dig into he stash for girly prints and get started.

What are you stitching this week?  Needlework Tuesday is hosted by Heather at Books & Quilts.  Stop by to see what everyone's crafting or to share your handywork.


  1. Last summer I bought two old tablecloths to use in quilting. Tons of fun! Your bag is lovely.

  2. Okay I'll take a bag please! I'll keep on the look out for vintage material in any form! Good job!

  3. I was going to ask if you fussy cut the bag fabric. Great job. I do think it's time for a trip to the antique store again. Usually I am checking for pieces of Royal Albert Poinsettia china. Only found one that I wanted this year. There must be lots of table clothes available as most people seem to go for the non-wrinkle modern ones. hmm. the possibilities. I am sewing a garment this week, but it's not a frilly one.

  4. Love the bag, Tami! Great idea using an old tablecloth. I have the same pet peeve with short purse handles. ;)