Saturday, January 4, 2014

The More Things Change . . .

I know what you're thinking.... "Can this woman not make up her mind?"   There have been many manifestations of the theme and design of this blog over the last four years - sometimes multiple themes in the same week - but all have been working towards one goal:  a blog theme that represents my personality and interests.  

I have used pre-made themes from The Cutest Blog on the Block and Shabby Blogs.  I highly recommend them both.  But no packaged theme can capture "me" - so I have been slowly learning how to create my own background, header, etc.   I have a long way to go, but I'm getting there.  The current set-up is meant to express my love of Christmas, books, all things "retro" or "vintage" and sewing.  Don't look too hard for the sewing reference - it's still in the works.  Stay tuned for more fine tuning - or possibly total overhauls.  

All the changes made me wonder about "branding".  I have read about branding and promoting your blog, using the same theme and icons on the blog, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and other social media, so that people can link them all together and follow me wherever I go.

Nah!  I'm not into blogging to create a huge following, get a book deal which spins off into may own TV show and makes me a millionaire.  Although.....  No.  I blog to express myself, to make friends, and to have fun.  And I've accomplished that.  My few but faithful regular readers know it's me no matter how the blog is decked out.  So this page will continue to evolve as I do and I hope you'll return many times to see what happens.

And if you are reading this in a blog feed where you never see my actual page.... never mind.


  1. Always love your backgrounds, vintage is my favorite.. I too use TCBOTB and Shabby Blogs, they always work well for me. I haven't changed mine in a long time because there was a background I loved that someone else was using. When she changed hers I grabbed it and I am staying with it! Happy New Year.....

  2. Gorgeous, Tami! Do you worry about copyright when using a pic?

    1. For all who are wondeting the same thing - Yes, I do try to be sure I dont use a copyrighted image. Thus one is from a vintage Christmas card and was found on Pinterest with no link. I searched the web to the best if my ability to find an.original and could not, so I assume it is ok to use.

  3. Very cool! I haven't changed my blog in years. It needs a redo!!

  4. I always love watching your themes change - I wish I had the courage to play more with mine!