Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Book (P)review

Normally I wait until I've read a book and write a review but, for this book, I just couldn't wait that long.  The blurb on the front flap - actually an excerpt from the book - fit so well with what I wrote yesterday about creativity, that I had to share immediately.

The book is Return to Me by Lynn Austin.  These wise words from a grandfather to his grandson are what made me check the book out of the library:
We're made in the Holy One's image so our words also have power.  You tell someone they're ugly or that they're a fool, and if you repeat it often enough, you might create ugliness or foolishness in that person.  You praise them for their goodness or kindness, and your words just might create even more kindness in that person.  You must be careful to speak words of life.
I have long held that each of us has an ability to be creative because we are made in the image of the Creator, but I had never considered that we can actually "create" ugliness or kindness with our words. 

Return to Me is the first book in The Restoration Chronicles, with book #2 due out next month.  I chose this book as the October selection for the T&T book club partially because it is a departure from norm for me; not a genre I usually read.  However, I'm so intrigued by this paragraph that I'm getting a jump start on October and starting tonight.  I'll report back when I've actually read the whole book.

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  1. I can hardly wait to hear more about this book from you.