Sunday, September 14, 2014

Tangled Thursday Challenge: A Pattern Within a Pattern

It has come around to my turn to create a challenge for the participants of the Tangled Thursday meme - which can be you, if you want to join in.  The idea is that one person throws out an idea and each participant interprets it in whatever way they choose, posts a picture of their drawing and links up at Heather's blog, Books & Quilts.

My idea was inspired by this fabric that I purchased Friday as part of The World's Wildest Quit that I'm making for my daughter.

Then I saw this pin on Pinterest and the challenge idea was obvious:

Image from
For the next challenge, to be posted September 25th, create a large pattern and then fill it with smaller patterns.  It doesn't have to be the one shown here - it can be squares, triangles, any pattern you like.  Go forth and tangle.


  1. Interesting challenge, Tami! That Pinterest pattern is so stunning, that it's going to be hard to get it out of my head and come up with something original and different. I'll try, though. ;)

  2. This is going to be a different challenge, though I already have some ideas. Thanks.

  3. I love that Pinterest tile!! I too will have trouble coming up with something else - but I will enjoy this challenge!!