Thursday, September 11, 2014

In Living Color . . .

Over the past year or so I have participated in a meme called Tangled Thursdays, in which a group of ladies take turns creating a Zentangle challenge for the other participants and we all link our posts at Books and Quilts, the blog of our lovely hostess, Heather.  This week, Marie gave us a very broad assignment.  Since we've all been a little lazy with our drawing this summer, just pick up your supplies and draw something, or post about a Zentangle website, or any other Zentangle related topic.

My drawing is Zentangle related because I used the watercolor pencils I purchased with the idea of adding color to my Zentangles.   I decided it was finally time to  get them out of the box.  After watching a short video and reading some further instructions, I decided to spend my limited time learning to use the pencils rather than creating an original drawing.

First I found a drawing I liked online and printed it.  This drawing of tulips and a stained-glass background had a Zentangle feel to it.

  I lightly traced the drawing onto watercolor paper, leaving out some of the detail.  Then I began filling in the drawing ...

 . . . using pressure and blending colors to create shadows and highlights.  

Once the drawing was completely filled in and highlights/shadows added, I used small paintbrushes and water to blend the colors.  The pencil tips can be dipped directly in water to add more vibrant color and deeper shadows.

It's a long way from a professional watercolor, but the pencils are a lot of fun to work with and I know more than I did when I started.  I will definitely be working them into my Zentangle drawings - as soon as I get back into the Zentangle swing.


  1. Very nice, Tami! The final result is soft looking, yet bright and colourful. Well done!

  2. i've been wanting to try using the watercolour pencils as well. I like how they look in your picture.

    Thanks for linking up with Tangled Thursday.