Saturday, April 25, 2015

Mini-Challenge: Treasure Hunt

We're going on a readathon treasure hunt.  Remember Indiana Jones' number one rule of treasure hunts - "X" never, ever marks the spot! 

In this case, we're not looking for an X. Our hostess gave us a three items to find on book covers - a tree, snow and a weapon.  This proved to be pretty easy on our bookshelves.  I am nuts for anything Christmas, and especially for A Charlie Brown Christmas.  The covers of any of my various copies contained both snow and a tree.  But to keep things fair, I only counted it as "tree", and added Phillip Gulley's Christmas in Harmony as my "snow" entry.  For weapons, I simply grabbed a paperback off of Dave's shelves containing the complete set of Louis L'Amour westerns.  Nearly every book has a gun of some sort on the cover.  

I found the treasure! and the prize is - - more hours of reading.  

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  1. I did this fun challenge too! I could have looked for way more things!